The automation of coordination.
The automation of coordination.
Send a poll with a list of options.
Options are ranked by the group.
Il1 Il2 Il3 Il4 Il5 Il6 Il7 Il8 Il9
Automatically acts on the groups behalf.
Automatically books tee time at top course.
Automatically sends calendar invite for top date.
Automatically books room in top hotel.
Automatically books reservation at top restaurant.
Automatically books top sea faring vessel.
Automatically books flights to top city.
Automatically buys tickets to top flick.
Automatically buys lift tickets to top resort.
Start the process: Draft a group email. Create a google doc.
Send out both.
Recieve a few reponses. Check the google doc. No one is using it.
Send reminder and plead people to responde promptly
and use google doc.
Receive confirmations. Some via email. Some via text.
Zero logged in the google doc.
Log responses in google doc yourself. Rejoice when one person
uses the google doc.
Email reminder to the group.
Request confirmation from the group before making plans final.
A few respond but not everyone. Decide to make plans final.
Call vendor and set plans.
Forget that one guy responded via text.
Call vendor and change plans.
Send final plans to group, and…wait for it…
yup, that one guy canceled again.
Change plans again.
Finally done.
Try to enjoy the group revelry.
Start the process: Create a poll.
Chill some more.
Enjoy the group revelry.
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